Healthy Lifestyle Series


At Powers Family Wellness our concern is your health and well-being. In addition to chiropractic care, we provide knowledge and guidance resources to enable a quick and lasting increase in your state of health.

These events are FREE and last about 45 minutes. Join us and invite your friends and family.


Education is the best prevention. Join us next time... 





Rocket Fuel Nutrition

Wednesday  – July 11th @ 12:15 pm

Did you know? There are many vegetables such as broccoli and red peppers - to name a few- that have more Vitamin C than oranges! That's right! 

Learn more as you listen to Dr. Powers share healthy tips to improve vitality, energy levels,

and more to help you reach your nutrition-related goals. 


Overcoming Stress

Wednesday – July 24th @ 12:15 pm

You've heard the expression - "stress kills" 

and you know what? It's TRUE! 

This workshop focuses on tips to beat stress 

and enjoy a fruitful life on the daily. 


Preventing Osteoporosis

Wednesday – August 7th  @ 12:15 pm

Reversal is possible but prevention is

always the best solution. 

Learn the secrets to preventing bone loss

and keeping healthy strong bones throughout your life. 


Spinal Care Class

Wednesday – August 21st  @ 12:15 pm

Maximize your chiropractic benefits.

Stay strong and healthy with easy to

follow do's and don’ts, stretches, 

ergonomics and exercises.