At Powers Family Wellness our concern is your health and well being. In addition to chiropractic care, we provide knowledge and guidance resources to enable a quick and lasting increase in your state of health and vitality.


These workshops are a great way to learn nutritional and lifestyle information in person while giving you the opportunity to ask questions you've been curious about.  

These events are always free and last about 45 minutes. Feel free to bring your friends and family.  


Education is the best prevention.



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            Healthy Lifestyle Series

Join us for these FREE workshops on important health related issues!! 



Natural Prevention of Alzheimer’s

 & Dementia

Wednesday – October 10th @ 12:15 pm

State of the art research that will

keep your mind sharp

& body healthy for years to come.






Preventing Osteoporosis

Thursday - October 25th  @ 12:15 pm

Prevention is the best solution.

Learn the secrets to preventing bone loss

and keeping healthy

strong bones throughout your life.




Spinal Care Class

Wednesday-November 14th @ 12:15 pm

Maximize your chiropractic benefits.

Stay strong and healthy with easy to

follow do’s and don’ts, stretches,

ergonomics and exercises.






Natural Solutions for Colds & Flu !!

Wednesday - December 5th @ 12:15 pm

The best solution is always prevention.

Learn the secrets of preventing colds & flu and

how to boost your immune system naturally.









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