At Powers Family Wellness our concern is your health and well being. In addition to chiropractic care, we provide knowledge and guidance resources to enable a quick and lasting increase in your state of health and vitality.


These workshops are a great way to learn nutritional and lifestyle information in person while giving you the opportunity to ask questions you've been curious about.  


These events are always free and last about 45 minutes. Feel free to bring your friends and family.  


Education is the best prevention.  





            Healthy Lifestyle Series

Join us for these FREE workshops on important health related issues!!!


Spinal Care Class

Wednesday - March 21st @ 12:15 pm

Maximize your chiropractic benefits.

Learn what you can do to keep your spine

in its best shape. Stay strong and healthy with 

easy to follow do's and don’ts, stretches,

ergonomics and exercises.




 Staying Healthy In A Toxic World 

Wednesday – April 4th @ 12:15 pm

  Feeling run down and stressed? Do you feel ill?

You just might be toxic. Learn how to recognize

and avoid poisons in our environment.




 The 100 Year Lifestyle

Thursday – April 19th @ 12:15 pm

Listen to Dr. Powers share the secrets to what means

to stay young for the first 100 years of your life and

how to make sure those 100 years are full of quality.



Spinal Care Class

Wednesday – May 9th @ 12:15

Missed out the last time we had this workshop?

Don’t worry we have it almost every month!

Join us to learn what chiropractic can do for you

And what YOU can do for your body!

Stay strong and healthy with easy to follow do's

and don’ts, stretches, ergonomics and exercises.



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