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Transformed my life

Posted: March 26, 2019
By: Eric

I am a disabled veteran with a pinched nerve and herniated disc in my upper cervical. For over five years I suffered in chronic pain and could not sleep, could not run, could not even lift up my four-year-old daughter and this injury was taking a tremendous toll on my well-being and life.

I was referred to Dr. Powers who has tremendously transformed my well-being to a more manageable life. My experience with Dr. Powers and his staff has been all but the best treatment, services and customer service experience.

After a few weeks of treatment I was able to actually get a full nights rest, increasing my daily productivity as well as return back to physical training to support the adjustments.

The powers wellness center is very flexible with my schedule as well as my finances. Dr. Powers and his staff are very knowledgeable on chiropractic treatment as well as other things to support your well-being. I highly recommend and urge anyone to take on chiropractic treatment and experience your power being turned on! Thank you to Dr. Powers and his staff for transforming my life!


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