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Total Knee Recovery

Posted: March 26, 2019
By: Carrell

My experience was and is life changing. I was scheduled for a total knee replacement when I first saw Dr. Powers. I didn't really know what chiropractic care was, and he made no promises about my knee.

In the course of getting me aligned, my neck got back to normal and my back is almost there. Dr. Powers paid attention to and treated my knee. Amazingly, he took it from the bone on bone it had been for decades to actually having space between the bones.

I cancelled my surgery.

It is still a bad knee, but is tolerable thanks to his treatment. The rest of me moves so much better that I really wish I had gone to a Chiropractor decades ago. But then I wouldn't be Dr. Power's patient today. I am SO grateful for his skill and care. The office and staff are very comfortable. I highly recommend Powers Family Wellness.


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