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Symptoms only getting worse..

Posted: March 26, 2019
By: Ida

My good friend Jack referred me to Powers Family Chiropractic.  He had been coming there for years.

I was experiencing neck, mid back, lower back pain, and stiffness. My knees and shoulders hurt and I was starting to feel numbness in my left foot. I had been experiencing these symptoms for 2 years and they were getting worse.

Work and exercise were becoming more and more difficult and any physical activity was making my symptoms worse. Even walking and sleeping was becoming hard to do. As you can imagine, my mood was getting worse and worse.

I tried massage and acupuncture to ­no avail and I was becoming desperate until finding Dr. Powers.

After starting chiropractic care at Powers Family Wellness, progress was slow at first but within a few months I began to feel better.

Now after more than a year of care, I can say that I feel much, much better. I’m more flexible. I’m able to do all of my exercises and play badminton without any difficulties. I sleep better, have more energy, and am much happier over-all. I recommend chiropractic to others and I know it will help them have better, happier lives.

I plan on continuing chiropractic care for years to come to maintain my current level of health!



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