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Canceled my surgery

Posted: March 26, 2019
By: Laura

Before seeing Dr. Powers, I had serious health problems. I had gone through three surgeries, each less than four months apart and was already scheduled for my next one. In less than a week I was going to have another back surgery.

The back surgery was intended to relieve the severe back pain I was experiencing by surgically implanting neuroelectrodes along my spine. I wasn’t pleased with the idea of having another surgery. 

My neighbor Patsy brought me along to a seminar Dr. Powers was having over Alzheimer’s disease. After his presentation, I decided to give chiropractic a try and my first adjustment was amazing. After 2-3 more treatments, the pain had diminished so much that I canceled the surgery.

Since I started chiropractic care, huge changes in my health have occurred. No more back pain, no more pain pills, and I can walk without using a walker now. I can go wherever I want with no limitations, most of the time I drive myself and can provide transportation for my neighbors.

My family, especially my neighbors who see me all the time, are very excited about how good I feel now. They’re always saying I’m a different person since chiropractic.

I highly recommend to everyone that they start getting chiropractic treatment because Powers Family Wellness has made such a wonderful difference in my life. I plan to have chiropractic care in my life until I can no longer get out of bed. Then I’ll try to get Dr. Powers to come see me at home.

Thank goodness for Powers Family Wellness Center!



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