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Never too young for chiropractic

Posted: March 26, 2019
By: Angie

I travel quite a bit for work and being in a car and plane all the time has done havoc on my body. I never expected to be going to a chiropractor in my 20s! It's also been tough trying to find a well respected excellent chiropractor with my hectic work schedule. So to start my review:

Dr. Powers is amazing.

He is genuinely kind-hearted and wants to help the community's wellness. He is a runner himself so he gives me tips on how to take care of myself. He remembers the littlest details and is always so pleasant to talk to. Every time I come in for a visit, I feel like I am visiting my uncle. I have had issues with my lower back and also right shoulder. Also since I am tall, I generally tend to slouch quite a bit as well. With my visits, I can feel the improvements. Over a month of traveling, I am generally aching all over and as soon as I get home, I come see Dr. Powers right away to make it all better. He not only takes care of me, my elderly mom (age 66) goes to him as well. Doesnt matter if you are young and fit, or need care at an elderly age, I highly recommend him!

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