Our Patient Testimonies

Improving Quality of Life

Posted: November 15, 2017
By: Carolyn

For years I had been living with constant hip and leg pain. It had been getting so bad that I could not walk at all without a cane or a walker. I took pain meds constantly to the point where I was getting depressed and fearful that I would become dependent on the pain meds to be able to function at all.

I tried everything; physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, orthopedic doctors, and my general practitioner. Nothing helped.

I finally came to Powers Family Wellness and started my spinal corrective care with Dr. Powers. Wow! What a difference! I’ve noticed lots of positive changes in my health since I’ve received care here. I feel significantly less pain and stiffness, I sleep better, my quality of life has vastly improved and I am no longer dependent on pain meds!

I can now walk without using a cane or a walker and I can manage to do all of my home care activities that were too difficult for me to do before like gardening and cooking. Even my friends and family started noticing my improvement and have all been impressed with my health improvements during my chiropractic care.


Being the best You

Posted: November 15, 2017
By: Amy

With years of working in an office environment and playing sand volleyball I felt somewhat healthy but then this pain started creeping in. The pain was randomly becoming more prevalent in my neck and shoulder area as well as my lower back.

Sleeping at night was interrupted by what I thought was stiffness in my back. My tailbone ached when I stood too long. I had shoulder and neck pains that led to getting cricks in my neck. My hips also were becoming tight that while driving in my car or sitting in my office chair was leading to pains. My pains weren't at all 100% of the time yet they were becoming more frequent and more impactful on my life.

I began discussing random pains and techniques to resolve the pain. Spending more and more time (12 months) trying to prevent, recover, rest, massage, OTC, pain meds, hydration, stretching. REPEAT. Then, I bought a new office chair, then less activity, then I discussed buying a new mattress. All efforts just lead me to fewer activities that I normally enjoyed.

Until a personal friend that works with athletes referred me to Dr. Powers. She stated that he could possibly offer some relief in a relatively short time. I made an appointment on that referral immediately.

Dr. Powers advised me that I would feel better fairly quickly honestly, I did to a degree, but not 100%. Dr. Powers also advised that with on-going chiropractic care I could establish long term health improvements. True to his word my pains were all gradually eliminated. I have even returned to doing activities at a caliber that I am happy with and I have no back pains while sleeping in the same bed.

I realized that ever since the beginning of my treatments with Dr. Powers, I have not missed work for allergies/flu which I typically would in the past.

I am optimistic the educational information and the treatments offered by Dr. Powers reinforced the healing ability of my own body. I'm just very pleased with the overall experience. My own loved ones have noticed my improvement and often discuss with me that I should have gone sooner!


Chiropractic and Lifestyle

Posted: November 15, 2017
By: Patsy

Way back in 2014 I was referred to see Dr. Powers by my friend Ms. Reynolds. At the time I had a painful and restricting crick in my neck. Turning my head was difficult, as was sitting at my computer since I am a writer/editor.

Due to the severity of the pain and restrict crick in my neck it took longer to heal. Once the crick was gone I felt pretty good.

I believe chiropractic keeps things aligned and working smoothly, most of the time. I'm not so sure about internal medicine.

I am able to walk more with my dog without having constant pain stopping me. During my family gatherings, they have seen my improvement because of how happy I am.

I recommend chiropractic to others all the time. I really do believe that keeping the spine aligned keeps everything else working at its best. I am on maintenance program to keep my body healthy and I do not have plans on stopping my chiropractic treatments.