Our Patient Testimonies

Unable to stand up straight

Posted: February 8, 2016
By: Jane

I am a new patient of Dr. Powers- I have only been seeing him since August, 2015 . I am more than happy with the care I have been getting, and with the friendliness and helpfulness of the office staff. They have accommodated my work schedule and worked with my insurance so that my treatment has been affordable. I have been bragging on Powers Family Wellness Center to everyone I know.

Dr. Powers reviewed my course of treatment with me Wednesday, October 28 and to my delight (and honestly, somewhat to my surprise), I had made progress that was clearly visible in my x-rays and in before/after photos. Because of my progress we agree to cut back treatment from 3 times a week to 2 times a week.

On Friday, October 30, it rained and my house flooded. I spent Friday evening moving boxes of books and furniture (I had recently moved, and had not yet unpacked). Saturday the 31st, I couldnt stand up straight. I was bent over at the waist at a right angle. Fortunately, I was not in pain when I sat, or lay down, only when I tried to stand up. When I saw the Dr. Powers in the morning of Monday the 2nd, I was still bent over. As a result, I saw him two times A DAY for the entire week, and after that he continued to see me 3 times a week (instead of the 2 times we had agreed on earlier) for the rest of November.

After a short while I started feeling better. I was able to get back to twice a week Tai Chi classes in December. I had my annual physical the first week of December, and my General Practitioner (who specializes in sports medicine) told me it usually takes up to 6 months of recover form an injury like mine. I believe Dr. Powers treatment had MUCH to do with my quick recovery.